Kamna’s Uniqueness

Kamna’s Uniqueness


Our propositions are as unique as our designs:

Sense of belonging……

There is a tremendous sense of belonging with the piece, knowing it inside out, and have complete awareness of the costs involved. You also save substantially when you compare our prices with those available in the market selling as pieces.

Your creativity surfaces……

By opting for Kamna Designs you also would have exhibited your creativity giving you a deep satisfaction, which would never be attained from a piece bought off a shelf in the showroom. Customisation at every stage gives you immense flexibility. By the time you get to wear the jewellery you would have enhanced your knowledge about jewellery making. Henceforth you would be more informed about future purchases. Traditional art become more precious with the passage of time and would be cherished by the next generation.

Priceless value……

Antique ruby adigai - KMN100

Kamna Designs focuses on diamonds and gemstones , we procure them from the most reliable sources and we assure great savings. We ensure that to keep the “poorippu”(sharpness) at its paramount, we use minimum of gold in our jewellery. You can go for staggered purchases of the gems as far as your pocket permits and can later always ask for bigger stones to increase the worth of the jewellery or to make it more appealing than what it already is! The thataans (artisans) we employ are at least three to four generations in the trade and have a deep sense of knowledge and out of their sheer experience can give suggestions to enhance the designs or clearly express concern if they anticipate any.

Pristine Quality……

Diamond polki studs KMN112

The diamonds and the gems that we supply to our clients are absolutely flawless, free of ‘doshams’. We ascertain the colour clarity, the cut and the carat by our specialists and also issue certificates for your purchases. Customers are also welcome to get them scrutinized at their end and feel reassured about their investment. We source the natural and precious stones from authenticated sellers and we do not artificially treat them to enhance the colour or sheen.

Kamna – your customised jewellery destination

If you are looking to give wings to your ideas of making a piece of jewellery exactly as you had imagined, come to us to get a precise expression. Exclusivity, involvement and competitive pricing are just a few things of many that we would offer. Besides crafting designs we also nurture relationships with our clients who stay with us for years to come.