Exploring our Methodology

Exploring our Methodology



Kamna Designs’ ornaments are a reflection of you as a woman, seeped in aesthetics and functionality . We would like to spell out our process of this artistic pursuit so that the most discerning of customers can become are steady clients. When we are approached by a prospective client, a detailed one to one discussion takes place to understand the exact needs, broad pattern essentials and investment potential.

Contemporary Kaasu Malai - KMN99


Based on the client’s needs several craftsmen are consulted and a range of patterns are scouted for in different catalogues of design. In turn the client is contacted to discuss the different possibilities and customisation of stones and gold requirements and certain clarity is determined on design and investment. We as experts in the field could also advise them on future enhancements by extensions or some adjustments to tweak the design to make it fashionable for their children at a later point in time.

Kamna Designs involves the client in the entire process of jewellery making right from the start to finish, her inputs are considered in every stage thus developing an emotional bonding with the piece of art.
This aids in developing confidence in the design and quality that she had anticipated.

"Paatli" revisited - KMN105


The artisans submit the “umsam” (template) in person to us, which is checked scrupulously to decipher flaws before they could proceed with the final design. Checks at every stage completely remove the scope of errors and a perfect work of art emerges.