A Fairy’s Tale

A Fairy’s Tale

Kamna ! A lovely brand which brings in a twist to the antique jewellery!
Let me start with my engagement ring 💍-

1. The brief and the design –
My requirement was to make a ring where the diamond stands out from the gold ring. Kamna just read what was on my mind and created a pencil line in the front edge of the ring which thickness out for support only at the back !  The end result was absolutely perfect ! Thinner than I ever imagined! Hats off to Kamna on that!

2. The fit –
Team Kamna personally came over to recheck the size of the ring, understanding its importance in my life ! Generally which brand does that ?  Kudos to her for that ! She even offered to alter it more if I wanted. The level of comfort that you get out of working with kamna I’m not sure you’ll get anywhere !

3. Customisations-
The ring design was created with for me with the initials that I wanted. Kamna thoughtfully put it in the back of the ring.
The design was developed from some random pictures of a thicker ring which Kamna herself went to the extra extent to make the gold as thin as it can be !
Kamna will customise any design and add that extra bit to make it to the best it can be !

Having worked with Kamna , I would hereafter only go back over and over again. The level of satisfaction you get out of the end result is something words cannot describe but the experience can only tell !


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