About Us

About Us
Kamna’s endeavour is to make every jewellery your own – you sketch the journey and the design, yourself!


Navaratna Kada - KMN 104

Kamna Designs believes that the art of jewellery making, expresses what words alone cannot. Designs that you have imagined finds an exquisite expression in its exclusivity, breaking free of the stereo type. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of hand crafted, bespoke jewellery using natural diamonds and gemstones embedded in the finest and precious metal. Our focus is customised jewellery that is a reflection of client’s taste and budget, intricately handcrafted by artisans who have years of artistic experience with a profound knowledge of the nuances of jewellery making.

The story of Kamna Designs started with informal design suggestions by Priya to relatives and friends, which made way to intense research in gems, especially diamonds. This research egged them on to work at close quarters with several generations of thataans and their families. Having received an astounding appreciation for their creations they decided to make it into an enterprise and Kamna Designs was born.

Kamna Designs transforms the most innermost desires of timeless beauty of jewellery designs into elegant pieces which not only reflects your ideas but also is a replica of your personality. We have carved a niche for ourselves to provide outstanding customer service and sell the highest quality of diamond jewellery and other gem stones. We understand that each order that we undertake, represents a meaningful and memorable moment of celebration of life and thus it deserves that commitment of service and product that it merits.

The individualized focus of each client sets apart Kamna Designs with its array of options like the freedom of a choice of design which could be a mix and match of various elements, customising every part of the piece; option of addons at a future date; buying of gems at different stages, we do it for them depending on the design requirement; options of a wide spectrum of designs and client’s investment outline.

This exercise results in huge savings because you pay for only what you buy specifically, and the rate is not a lump sum for the piece as a whole. The masterpieces would be unveiled to your complete satisfaction and the genius of the craftsmanship essentially would define your style statement.